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安倍・菅の究極の男尊女卑の警察官僚人事が、昨日閣議決定!<Cabinet approves Abe and Suga's ultimate male-dominated police appointment today! >


The end of Japanese society! Jiro Honzawa's "Japan’s Landscape" (4204)


(Tentatively translated by Mari Takenouchi) 



Cabinet approves Abe and Suga's ultimate male-dominated appointment today! (4204)


 According to reports, the worst troubled police bureaucrat in history will be appointed as the Commissioner General of the National Police Agency at today's cabinet meeting. Even though we knew that the cabinet of the LDP and Komeito, are so corrupt, but we never knew that he could stand at the top of the police agency.   Amazingly, Japan appointed a person who rescued a rapist as the top of the police agency.  Needless to say, Japan’s male chauvinism is totally extreme.


 Many citizens would like to know the comments of the current LDP presidential candidates. It turns out that the enemy of women has been actually the administration led by Abe and Suga. Thus, we can understand why all of the said candidates are playing the "hanging game" with Abe and Suga.


Could this be the end of Japanese society?



Rapist-helping scoundrel is Commissioner General of Police! Yoshihide Suga is the greatest villain of all time!


They say that fact is stranger than fiction, but watching the theatrics of the Japanese Shinto God political federation, we always end up saying, “Could this be real?”



 The Shimatsu Report, which I published in this blog on September 13, 2021, woke me up to the fact that it was the father and son of Shinzo Abe and Shoko Asahara who tamed the greatest terrorist in history.

It was the father and son of Shinzo and Shintaro Abe who had tamed the most evil terrorist in history!


 The politicians who touted democracy and the rule of law were behind the scenes leading an illegal killing squad. Scary, scary, scary. I have known people who have reigned over the mass media with the power of right-wing gangs, but who else would have dared to wreak havoc on society with indiscriminate terrorism using poisonous gas?


 There must have been other people besides Yoichi Shimazu who thoroughly covered the sarin gas incident. In fact, looking at the comments on Asura, not a few of them seemed to take it for granted. I was also surprised by this.


The masterminds behind the Aum Shinrikyo cult are probably Shintaro Abe and his son, Shintaro Ishihara and his son, and Ryoichi Sasagawa and his son, who replaced Hideo Kodama.



This is the true nature of the Seiwa-kai of Kishi and Fukuda. In this light, Abe's taming of Ota Shoukou, a member of the Komei Party's Soka Gakkai, must have been easy like twisting the hand of an infant. The sarin gas attack on the subway by a murderous cult under the mask of religion has left a new research theme for future generations.



It is no wonder that Justice Minister Yoko Kamikawa, at the behest of Abe, executed all seven Aum death row inmates at once, rejecting their request for a retrial, in a campaign to destroy evidence in the ultra-secret case. The only people who don't know are the victimized people. I feel extremely sorry for the victims of the sarin gas attacks and have no words to say.


Needless to say, the crime of the Public Security Intelligence Agency and the Kanagawa Prefectural Police for letting this indiscriminate terrorist attack of the century deserve to die a thousand deaths . However, not a single person has taken responsibility. Even a layman can feel that Aum is now being exposed for what it really is.



  This extreme police HR appointments by a bunch of crooks has culminated in Kaku Nakamura’s position. We call on the press and the Diet to raise voices. Abe and Suga are the worst villains of all time. It was the LDP and the New Komeito, as well as the Japanese people, who entrusted them with power. We have no choice but to reflect and remorse on this fact.


What about the human rights of Ms. Shiori Ito, who was raped by the TBS rapist Noriyuki Yamaguchi!


 Women in Japan are not self-reliant. In such a situation, Ms. Shiori Ito was raped by a rapist Noriyuki Yamaguchi from Tokyo Broadcasting Station. She raised her voice in response to the serious crime of denying her humanity. She attracted the attention of the international community as a Japanese woman who did not remain silent.


 However, the newspapers and TV stations are still not reporting the situation head-on. They remain beholden to the government of Abe and Suga. They have no shame in abandoning their freedom of speech. It is safe to say that the Japanese press is also a member of the male-dominated world.


 I am going to shout repeatedly, with my voice wavering in anger, "Come out and speak up for Ms. Ito's human rights. There is no place for a rapist.


How long will Japan's misfortune continue without any trust on the public safety police?


 Taxpayers have a responsibility and duty to speak out against a police force that rises to the occasion by aiding criminals.


 We live in an Internet society. Even if the newspapers and TV are not working, people can vent their anger on the Internet. This is the time for hundreds of thousands or millions of people to raise their voices. If they find it impossible, it is the end of the Japanese society, which should be eliminated at the end of the day.


September 14 (the day Yamaguchi was appointed as the DG of the Police Agency), is the day when Japanese people are being asked to get ready.



Women's silence? Or will they strike down the autocrats?


 The Shiori Ito case reminds me of the low grade of Japanese political and social culture. The Japanese people have surrendered themselves to post-war democracy and the Japanese Constitution, but the reality is that the pre-war culture of subjugation has seeped in.


The society of subjugation and surveillance, of imperial nationalism, militarism, the red paper, and Tonari Gumi, is still alive!



The stress on foreigners living in Japan is also too great to describe. I am astonished at the Japanese people who continue to sit back and endure the spread of corona infection for the Olympics. It's beyond stupid. The politicians are just sweating for their own sake and not trying to protect the lives of the people. Abe and Suga the good examples.


Yet, newspapers and TV stations are not angry. They do not speak out against the government. Therefore, the masses follow suit.


 In other words, Japan is a society where people can be cooked in any way they want as long as they can control NHK. The Japanese people, with their pre-war values, are like a flock of sheep or ants. Even if they realize how far they have fallen, the Diet and the media will never wake up.


 Will the silence of women continue? Or will the second or third Shiori Ito raise her voice loudly? Although there may be some disagreement, there are plenty of cleaner-cut talents in the opposition, such as Kiyomi Tsujimoto, Renho, Mizuho Fukushima, and Yuko Mori, compared to the LDP. Let them take the lead in the full-scale opposition struggle to defeat the LDP! In other words, we must make the countless silent female voters rise up in the face of the corona crisis. We must fight the general election with an equal lineup of men and women. Wouldn't this be an effective way to defeat the male-dominated autocracy?


The opposition parties should also realize from their approval ratings that polluted legislators and old-fashioned party names will not move public opinion.


Are female Diet members not ashamed to bow down to the male-dominated Tadasu Nakamura?


 The opposition parties need to convene a Cabinet committee immediately, call in Tadasu Nakamura, and conduct a thorough examination to expose his true identity.


The TBS Yamaguchi rapist is not the only allegation against him. "The suspicions against him are not limited to the TBS Yamaguchi rape case, but also include the suspicion that he is stopping the investigation of the Kisarazu rape and murder case, the suspicion that he is stopping the investigation of the medical accident at Tokushukai Hospital, and many more. The Diet and the press are tasked with stopping a crime-buster from becoming Commissioner of Police!


September 14, 2021

Jiro Honzawa

(Representative of the group for boycotting Toshiba products, political commentator, member of the Japan Press Club)

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